Please see the following for Cecil County inspections....

  1. Apply for an electrical permit on Cecil County's website.  CECIL COUNTY PERMITS
  2. Complete an AIA application.  The application is an adobe form that you will need to download and save to complete.  If you are doing a solar installation,  please use the solar application.    MD Application        Solar Application
  3. Once you have obtained your Cecil County permit and have completed your AIA application, you can upload the forms on Step 2 on the Home Page of our website.  Home Page         
  4. After the forms have been submitted, please confirm with our office that they have been received.       

Please note, there is a fee that is separate from the permit fee that will be charged through American Inspection Agency for the electrical inspection.  Payment can be made online.  Make a Payment  Fee Schedules can be found on the the website. Any questions regarding pricing please call the office at (302)732-6900.