If you are preparing to do an electrical project in the State of DE for a home that you own and occupy you must apply for a homeowner's electrical permit through the St. of DE Board of Electrical Examiners.  Click the link below to apply for your permit. IMPORTANT - The State of DE has noted on their website rules and regulations associated with applying for the permit. Please read carefully to be sure your project meets the criteria. Only a State of DE Master Electrican can have work inspected for rental properties, multi family dwellings, homes for sale, commercial buildings, swimming pool and hot tubs.   

Board of Electrical Examiners

Once you have your electrical permit, please follow steps below.....

  1. Complete an American Inspection Agency application. Download and save the adobe form to complete.                                            DE Application
  2.  Submit the application and a copy of your homeowner's permit.  Forms can be uploaded on Step 2 on our websites home page.                                                                                Home Page
  3.  Payments are required prior to the inspection and can be made online. Fee schedules can be found under Services.  Please note that if additional stops are required, there will be an associated fee.  Make a Payment  

After your forms and payment have been submitted, please contact our office for confirmation of receipt and further instructions.  (302) 732-6900